You told me

I was like the apple

In the Garden of Eden

Enchanting Yet


So you had to leave.

I wasn’t ready to say goodbye

You had become a part of me

Branded onto my skin

Your touch.

I cannot change my emotions

Without changing the

Direction of the wind.

The direction of

The current

To my heart.

Now I am

Handcuffed to emptiness

I dig deeper into my skin

Unable to find my longing soul.

Down By The Bay

Down by the bay

Where the children used to play

Where the sun doesn’t set

Innocent breath

Down by the bay

I sit alone

Tracing the water

With my pinky toe

Down by the bay

My feelings went astray

Shattered reflection

In this nostalgic water

Down by the bay

Long white dress

Heavier with each step

Cleansing my impurities

Down by the bay

I say no goodbyes

I come here alone

To close my eyes

Beneath the bay

Where I can now hide

Frozen marrow in the bones

That once brought me life

White Picket Fence

Jack and Jill went up the hill

Hoping to run away

Mom and Dad

Coming home in a cab

Couldn’t care less

What their kids had to say.

Home at last

Mom decided to crash

On the couch instead

Of the bed.

Dad went back outside

Looking to hide

Finding comfort in the neighbors bed.

Mom heard Dad at 4am

Trying to find his keys

She saw his lipstick stained cheek

And didn’t like it one bit.

So she walked out the door

Asking, “who’s the whore

Who keeps you feeling young?”

Yells and screams

Louder than life

“I’m supposed to be your wife.”

Mom pulled out her knife

Dad tried to save his life

Denying all of his sins.

She stabbed him once

Stabbed him twice

Until the White Picket Fence

Was stained bright red.

Mommy then returned to bed

Having sweet dreams now that daddy was dead.



“They say you die twice one time

When you stop breathing and a second time,

A bit later on when someone says your name

for the last time.”

Its said that my generation

is obsessed with fame

A need for the spotlight

Like a baby needs its mother

Its not the stardom we want

Its the immortality

A life that will go on

Past our expiration date.

Heart Shaped Bruise

“You told me you loved me”

“That was last week”

A heart shaped bruise

Traced the back of my neck

You shape shifted into an animal

Because I felt like going to sleep

When you thought the night

Was young like

The little girl

You used to love

And at the playground

You would push me on the swingset

But tonight

You pushed me to hard.

Untitled (Imitation of This is Just to Say by Erica-Lynn Gambino)

I have left

A yellow

Sticky note

On the fridge

Asking you kindly

To not wait up

I attached

Twenty bucks

Forgive me

I need to find my mind

It went missing

Awhile ago

Role Model

She wants to be a


Long legs thin waist

Thinning hair

She wants to be a flower

Vacant stare



Nil by day

When will she

Wilt away?


Lipstick Stain Cigarette
To look pretty as she dies
Filling her eyes with 
As she inhales her last
Inhale Exhale Repeat  
Allie in tub.